Malina Brothers | 8/11 Malostranská beseda

The Malina brothers, i.e. banjoist Luboš (Druhá tráva), guitarist Pavel and violinist Josef, came together on stage in a unique project called Malina Brothers, to which they invited double bassist Pavel Peroutka. They have played many concerts in the USA and on domestic stages and collaborated with musical greats such as Pavel Bobek, Robert Křesťan, Spiritual Quintet, etc. They have released four CDs and an anniversary DVD with guests Charlie McCoy and Katerina García. The musicians keep alive the legacy of the East Bohemian tramp and bluegrass music they grew up on. Listeners can look forward to well-known songs such as Shadow of the Old River, And Life Goes On and Faster Horses, which the group has imprinted with their virtuoso interpretation of an unmistakable sound. The current album Baroquegrass sensitively combines baroque music with bluegrass and features a duet between Robert Křesťan and František Černý (Čechomor).




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9. 10. 2023