Skynd | 4/11 SaSaZu

We all hide something behind the earthly facade we show to the world. Maybe it’s an unspoken aberration. Maybe it’s a wistful urge. Or it may just be a darkness that we unwittingly admit to ourselves – but dare not speak of out loud. SKYND peels back these layers and reveals what lies beneath. The industrialised gothic electronic duo – Skynd [vocals] and “Father” [producer, multi-instrumentalist] – exorcise beauty through gore as they delve into some of history’s most mysterious, bizarre and brutal crimes on their EP.

SKYND released Chapter I in 2018, followed by Chapter II in 2019. SKYND capped off Chapter III with the aforementioned “Chris Watts,” which followed the release of “Michelle Carter” and “Columbine.” Chapter III reached 31 million views on YouTube and continued to explore the darkest and most disturbing parts of the human psyche following their belief that “those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” Later, the films “Armin Meiwes” and “John Wayne Gacy” were released. Special guests previously included hip hop artist Bill $aber and Jonathan Davis of Korn. Chapter IV concludes with the song “Edmund Kemper”.



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24. 9. 2023