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The London duo BOB VYLAN is unique. One singer (Bobby) and one drummer (Bobbie). One is the vital and central announcer, one is the creator and maintainer of rhythm, one is the leader of the audience, one is the master of calm. They are a band that embraces chaos and calm, a band that revels in independence and making their own way, a band known for their mosh pits and pit hugs. They have a unique and constantly evolving sound that crosses styles and genres, tackling traditional practices. and embracing new and more unique sonic dimensions. They incorporate these styles into their own, trying to connect and blend genres and subcultures together.

It is this unique style and sound that has made them popular with the rock, rap, punk, dance and alternative crowds. Due to their independent nature, they started their own record label (Ghost Theatre), something they have managed to do. which allows them to release music completely free from the constraints of the major label system. This journey has seen the band reach #18 in the UK album chart, #4 in the physical charts and #3 in the independent charts, with their 2022 album “Bob Vylan Presents The Price Of Life”. This marks the first time in history that an album completely produced, recorded and mixed by the band themselves and released on the band’s own label has reached the top 20. The album also won Kerrang! ‘Best Album’ for 2022 and helped the band win their first MOBO award of the new year. ‘Alternative’ category.




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24. 9. 2023

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