Azahriah | 3/11 Rock Café

From an early age, Azahriah was used to doing things his own way – his mother worked in the army and was on two missions in Kosovo, and his father often worked abroad. In primary school, he had almost no friends. When he was fed up with being alone all the time, he started working on his project at the age of 12 by creating a YouTube channel called Paul Street, which became increasingly popular – thanks to stories with mysterious and paranormal themes. It also saved his life – he dropped out of high school where he was bullied by one of his classmates.

After reaching 500,000 followers and becoming one of the most well-known content creators in his country, Azahriah decided to move on and make his music dreams come true. While his videos had nothing to do with music, that wasn’t a hindrance for him, he knew exactly what he was doing. Even as a skilled guitarist (a benefit of being alone a lot as a child), he started making music, learning techniques to create sounds and started making his first demos, now a multi-instrumentalist and pop star with 300,000 subscribers, over 150 million plays on YouTube and over 100 million plays on Spotify. His first solo album Camouflage (2021) was well received by critics. It captivated listeners from the start, so much so that less than two years later it dominated one of Europe’s biggest music festivals – the main stage of Sziget.






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4. 10. 2023

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