Waterparks + special guest: Stand Atlantic | 12/11 MeetFactory

As much as Waterparks are a genre-spanning collective of three friends who play music, hang out together and constantly flip the script, they actually represent a larger, dare we say, movement. The Houston trio of Awsten Knight [vocals, guitar], Otto Wood [drums] and Geoff Wigington [guitar] have unassumingly put the vibrancy back into rock. (The only thing bolder than their tunes is the hair color Awsten just chose this week!) Their strange magnetic appeal is drawing ever-growing legions of devoted fans who pack sold-out shows, stream their songs like crazy, and have even landed them on several Billboard charts, headlined Sad Summer Festival, and accompanied My Chemical Romance on a sold-out arena tour.

But the band’s next era begins with their fifth full-length and debut album for Fueled By Ramen, INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY, and an even bigger adventure…

“Waterparks are a lot bigger than Otto, Geoff and me,” muses Awsten. “However, they wouldn’t be Waterparks without the fans at the shows. They wouldn’t be Waterparks without an internet presence. It wouldn’t be Waterparks without this amazing community. There are so many people who are a big part of it. It’s evolved from where it all started into something massive. I’m very lucky to be able to lead it.”



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24. 9. 2023

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