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DOG EAT DOG are a seminal band of the 90s, who with the release of their cult album “All Boro Kings” became a characteristic reflection of the times – freedom, music, party! The American DOG EAT DOG crossed the three-year mark three years ago with their formation in the 90s. Their groundbreaking 1994 debut “All Boro Kings” became a characteristic reflection of an era defined by the transition to socialism, the emergence of new movements and technology. The fall of the Iron Curtain and the transformation of the world was felt everywhere.

It also had an effect on the then coming of age teenagers basking in the coming freedom of life, which resulted in the emergence of a street mix of music that entertained the youth of the time. Hardcore, hip hop, rap, ska, funk and saxophone. It all naturally made its way into the grooves of a record that remains relevant today, and not just thanks to mega-hits like “No Fronts” and “Who’s the King”.

But DOG EAT DOG today isn’t just a reflection of that record. They’ve retained their original enthusiasm to this day, and the new album “Free Radicals” is full of it, so it’s no wonder this band is still popular more than three decades later. The former teenagers who were behind their formation, now parents, are passing on their incredible energy to their children.

You can look forward to two free hardcore bands: the English GROVE STREET and the Yanks KINGS NEVER DIE.



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4. 10. 2023

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